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Teaching Practice Guidelines

Teaching Practice (or School Experience) is an activity which stands as a prerequisite for one to graduate as a teacher. Students are expected to participate in two teaching practice programmes: one in the second year and the last one in the third year. Every student is expected to follow these guidelines

1. Peer Teaching
In the second year every student is expected to undergo peer teaching programme organised by Education and Professional Studies (EPS) section. The activities done include training on how to write Schemes of Work, Topic plans, Weekly forecasts and lesson plans. The lesson plans are expected to be prepared in groups of not less than seven students. Assessment of lesson presentation is done by not less than two lecturers.

2. Registration
Students are expected to register for School Experience on line. Students are encouraged to register for schools within the province but exceptions are allowed.

3. Reporting
Students are expected to carry all necessary documents required before they report at the District Education Board Secretary and School. Students are expected to report early enough to attend any preparatory meetings.

4. Professional Conduct
Students are expected to demonstrate exemplary behaviour befitting a teacher at all times. Prepare consistently and adequately, be competent in lesson delivery, be punctual, be polite and friendly when dealing with pupils and dress modestly. No student should teach without having the teaching tools checked by the mentor or any authority assigned officer.

5 Line of Authority
The School Head is the final authority in the school. He is assisted by a Deputy Head and various Heads of Departments, Heads of Section or Senior teachers. Students are expected to recognise these as the supervisors and realise that they are empowered to prepare a report on the overall conduct of each student.

6 Commitment and Interest
Students are expected to show that they love what they do, self-motivated and self driven. There are a lot of things that one can do without having to be asked. Students are expected to get involved in extra-curricular activities like drama, sports, debates, clubs as well as professional associations. Students should provide evidence of their envolvement.

7 Self Control
Students are expected to exhibit a high sense of self-control even in the midst of provocation or irritation. Learners love a patient and caring teacher. Therefore, any form of abuse of learners is unacceptable.

8 Health
Students are expected to take good care of themselves.. A healthy and strong teacher is a desirable resource. Avoid situations that may increase the risk of contracting the deadly diseases.

9 School Experience File
Students are expected to maintain an up to date TP file which contains the Individual Work Plan, class lists, class register, timetable, schemes of work, lesson plans, records of work, test question papers, records of learner performance and relevant information. A complete TP file is required at the end of the activity and it carries 25% of the total TP marks.

10 Relationship with members of staff and learners
Students are expected to be friendly and approachable. All the teaching staff in a school are mentors. A humble spirit helps students to learn more. Students are expected to be open-minded and avoid a critical attitude.

11 Relationship with the outer society
Students are expected to maintain a healthy relationship with the outer society. Avoid involvement in political, racial or tribal conflicts. Good teachers are fair and all-embracing.

12 Communication
When students have any difficulties related to TP are expected to inform the Head before communicating with the College Principal.

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